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ZOFANNY Beaded Seeds-Jewelry Set


This hand-crafted jewelry set is made with naturally perfect Ormosia seeds that are also known as “Huayruro [why-ee-ru-ro] seeds” that believed to bring good luck and fortune. This jewelry set consist of a stunning necklace that is 16-inch in length. With 16 Red Ormosia seed [Class A] and a touch of Metal silver beads and Acrylic silver fancy beads for details.  A beaded bracelet that is 7-inch in length with 16 Red Ormosia seeds [Class A] and metal silver beads for details. And fishhook earrings in 2-inch length with 4 red Ormosia seeds [class A] and a metal beads for details. This jewelry set is scratch-resistant and shows the beautiful natural vibrant color that gives stunning look and adds spices to your casual to an everyday look that makes you feel more sophisticated.


Designed for a classy and stylish jewelry set. Very easy to wear makes you feel comfortable and elegant for your every day to casual attire.


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