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The Lucky Seed

In the south, the Red “Bahay” a.k.a Ormosia/Saga Seed Tree buds in Spring reminiscent of deep emotions and passion and this gift from nature is often used by many as tokens of love and affection; sometimes it’s also symbolic of one’s earnest heart to apologize. 

The brightly coloured seeds are used as beads for personal adornment and as ‘gems’ in the ornamentation of weapons and other objects.

This ornamental seeds widely used in the manufacture of bio-jewels and wood used in the furniture industry.

Our product is made from a 100% ornamental and botanical plant from Philippines (very rare) because this seed is only can be seen in a Tropical Land like in India and Singapore. We use this Red “Bahay” Seed to craft beautiful Jewelry set and sell the jewelry in a very affordable price (shipping not included in our price list) but honestly because this seed is very rare and the seed is bio-jewel it is very expensive.

The seed is known to lower high blood pressure and boost immune system to help our body fight diseases and can only be eaten when cooked properly. The Seed is known to give Good Luck.

Red “Bahay” Seed

(Adenanthera pavonina) is commonly called Red Lucky Seed. Red is the symbol of love.

Singaporean has dedicated a special website for this wonderful tree. Its members shared interesting facts, stories and also locations of the trees in Singapore. (source: King Yeung)

The elegant and unique style of the Necklace and Bracelet is inspired by the true Love of a parents towards their child.

The love and care is unconditional.

Simple. Precious.


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