Red “Bahay” Seed

Adenanthera pavonina is commonly called Red Lucky Seed. This tree is useful for nitrogen fixation, and it is often cultivated for forage, as an ornamental garden plant or urban tree, and as a medicinal plant.

Wear that Confident!

How Woman should wear their Confident? Many of us is afraid of wearing dress, jewelry and any other accessories because we know it doesn’t look good on us. We forgot that it is not about what we wear but “How” we wear it!

Fashion Accessory

Make any of your looks more eye-catching by wearing a modern fashion accessory. In addition, you can transform your style easily by just adding a small detail such as a piece of jewelry. Fashion jewelry is always a good idea because you wear the latest trends at affordable prices.

Try the Trend- Choker Necklace!

It’s not very hard to believe that fashion repeats itself with time. While talking to our grandmother’s we usually realize that we have the same pair of shoes as she use to wear in her young days and sometimes while seeing our moms college pictures we say- oh! I have a similar pair of boot cut jeans.

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